Grocery Outlet Finds 7-14-14

grocery outlet 7-14

Here was yesterday’s grocery haul from Grocery Outlet. I love that store.

Pine Nut Hummus (Funny since I just made a HUGE batch a home, but the Pine Nut flavor is hubs favorite.)

All natural Immaculate brand biscuits. These are a treat since they are white flour and also SO spendy in the grocery store.

Almond Milk

Organic Sharp fancy white cheddar

Justin’s Honey Almond butter pouches. (I get these for hubs for fuel while running. They are cheaper than the ones marketed to runners.)

Hair clips

Organic starts for our garden beds

Cascadian Farms Hash Browns

Cascadian Farms Granola Bars

Potato Burger Buns

Kettle Chips

Clif Kid Organic Z Bars

Organic pasta


Pirates Booty

Also, most of these foods are definitely “treats”. The majority of our diet comes from fresh whole foods when possible, but I don’t usually love the produce a Grocery outlet. Grocery Outlet is great for picking up some special things that you might not be able to otherwise afford.

How we ate black beans for almost a week…and LIKED it.

A few days ago I made a HUGE pot of black beans. We ate them for 5ish dinners in a row, still had tons for the freezer, shared meals with friends and family twice, and enjoyed the food. Here is how I made them, and what we ate: How to make your beans: (Ingredients are…

Current Natural and Organic Grocery Deal Round-up

There were enough good grocery deals right now that I thought I would make a little list. Here are a few deals for my local peeps. LifeSource Beeler’s Bacon. Nitrate free and yummy flavors. $3.99 (So good we went back for more for the freezer). Organic Apples (Fuji I believe) for 99 cents/lb. Produce prices…

Ordinary and Bored

Ordinary I have a pretty active brain. It is always swirling, always 10 steps ahead, always looking for solutions, and craving something to conquer.  As a stay at home mommy the internet often feels like a lifeline to the outside world. I am so very thankful for it. It provides connection, ease of planning, communication,…

Our Suppliment and Vitamin Routine

(Images and photos are not working currently. I will try to add them again soon.) Lately, I have had a few friends ask what supplements we use at our house.  I will start out by saying that I am NOT an expert.  I am just a mama who has done quite a bit of research,…

Our Kindergarten Plan for the Twins

I am always curious to hear about what curriculum and tools other homeschooling families have chosen to use.  Now that there are so many curriculum options, it makes the choice a bit harder. When I was homeschooled as a child there were far fewer choices (although I am sure we all got by just fine). …

CSA, Bountiful Baskets, or Traditional Grocery Store?

This is the time of year that I really start to strategize our produce spending.  CSA (community supported agriculture) signups are in full swing and I have recently discovered Bountiful Baskets.  We need to quickly decide if we will participate in our CSA and each week I have a hard time deciding if we will…

Mama Needs a New Easter Dress

Snuck into the Keizer Station Old Navy this morning for a bit to preview their big dress promotion that starts today (check links in this post for prices).  I was thrilled to find my main spring weakness being featured. Eyelet! My tried and true Easter dress for years was actually a somewhat similar pink and…

Our First Bountiful Basket Pick-Up

Last Monday I ordered (they call it “contributed” to) our first Bountiful Basket.  Bountiful Baskets is not a business, but is instead considered a co-op. You are pooling your money together to buy things at a great price. The conventional baskets are $15 and you can pay another $10 to upgrade to an all organic…

Life in Bullet Points #3

  Attempting bread baking again. Started a loaf yesterday and exercised real patience to try and soak it for the first time.  My friend Sarah had a recipe that already had the soaking instructions incorporated and I could not help but soak it…although it was a little painful to wait even longer. Currently the dough…