Messy Monday Kickoff!

Today will be my first official Messy Monday post.  The idea behind this is that I find a place in my home that needs some love and I bravely take a picture and post it.  Then, later in the week I post an update to show my progress.  My goal is to have that area of my house cleaned or organized by the end of the week (although I know some weeks may get crazy and the job may only get a little of my time).

Join me for Messy Monday and post pictures of your clutter spot or neglected corner of your home on your blog.  Just leave a comment with the area you will be tackling and a link to your blog with a picture or two (don’t worry….you can join us and post pics at any time of the week.)  If you are feeling generous you can even put a link to my Messy Monday post on your Messy blog post.

I know that for myself, it can be really easy to get in a routine where I just try to keep up on the dishes and laundry and neglect the other projects.  Lets tackle one little spot in our home at a time and see what happens!

This week’s mess……THE PANTRY (in a deep and foreboding voice).


img_70271Please don’t judge me……join me!

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