Where I splurge and where I save with COSMETICS.



I am pretty sure I was always a grown up at heart.  I remember spending much of my babysitting money at the Clinique counter.  I knew all the new shadow colors, which had been discontinued, and what foundation I thought I might like to try next.   I have always been pretty frugal, but at that time the only person I had to care for was myself.  I did not buy many snacks, drinks, or movie tickets, but I did buy hand bags, clothes, shoes, and makeup. Always on sale of course!

During my many years of cosmetics use and some changes in the way I choose to spend money, I now shop for them differently.  Overtime I have learned which products I like to get at the counter and which I can buy from a drug store, or big box store (like Target).  I am currently using a combination of Clinique, MAC, and cheaper brands.

Here is a break down of what I get from who, and why.

Items I SPLURGE on

Moisturizer-Clinique- Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion

Why? Because It has the perfect moisture content for my skin.

I like to use good moisturizer because so much of it gets absorbed into my skin (that’s the point right?).

It also lasts me a long time.

Foundation-Clinique-Superbalanced Makeup

Why? After trying many different versions of foundation from Clinique, I have stuck with this one.  Not to greasy and not too think or thin.

Blush-Clinique Soft Pressed Powder Blusher in Mocha Pink

Why? Because I think I is very important to find a good color for blush and it lasts me a LONG time.  Worth the money.

Eye Shadow– MAC or Clinique

Why? Because they last for a long time.

It is great to have help picking out colors that work well for you.

Sometimes better quality shadows are less prone to getting that greasy impermeable layer on the top.

Items I SAVE on

Creamy Eye Shadow Base.  I am currently using Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers in “Spellbound.”

Why? I tried a couple more expensive brands and never found one I loved.

I wear just a touch under my shadow to KEEP my shaddow on and be able to use less of it during application.  I prefer the kind in the tube rather than the kind in the little pot or pan because it lasts longer, does not dry out, and stays cleaner.   Make sure you pick a nice neutral color just a touch darker than your skin tone.

Powder-Cover Girl (green compact)

Why? Although I don’t use much of it, it seems to run out of it the fastest.  I cant stomach spending $16+ every couple months on powder.

Mascara-I am not too specific on what kind I use.  I love it when I have nice mascara samples from my bonus buys, but if not, my fall back is Maybelline Great Lash. You know? The pink and green one.

Why? Because it is also one of the things I go through faster and should be replaced fairly often.

Eyeliner-Currently using Revlon Color Stay (when I wear liner).  It twists up and seems fairly soft.  After I run out of that one I have a similar Covergirl one to try.

Why? It is a fairly basic product that I don’t want to spend much on.  (Unless Clinique wants to bring back their Water Resistant Eyeliner in the pan with the little brush……don’t even get me started on that;)

Counter Tips– Always try to make your purchase when they are offering a “gift with purchase”  if available with your brand.  Make sure they test the colors on you before you buy one.  If they aren’t busy get a make-over.  Purchase the products you love, and remember what types of colors they used on the things you think you might want to “save” on.

Drug Store Tips– Try to ALWAYS use coupons on makeup you purchase.   When you pair your coupons with a sale you can get stellar deals.  Purchase from a place that has a great return policy so that you can take it back if it is not working for you.

What products to you LOVE? What do you splurge or save on?

* I would like to eventually try and switch to products that don’t contain harmful ingredients and are all natural, but I have not settled on any type yet.

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