Twin Tuesday: What we are working on at 18 mo.


As my kids get older I am realizing that I need to be much more intentional with my parenting.  We are out of the “infant survival stage” and into the “young toddler stage”.  I don’t want to wish down the road that I had made better use of my time with them.  Many days have gone by and I wished I had read them one more book, taught them another skill, or trained them rather than just occupy them.

Here are some of the things we are working on at 18 months.

  • Holding my hand nicely and walking with me to the next activity (diaper change, hand wash, etc) rather than just picking them up and taking them there or having them go limp because they don’t want to transition.
  • Coming when I call them over to me.
  • Sharing my lap.
  • Working on our attention span while reading.
  • Pretending with food and cooking.
  • Sitting on the furniture rather than standing.
  • Using coloring crayons and colored pencils. (Holding them better, using the right side, switching between colors, learning how to make all sorts of lines and scribbles)
  • Sharing (this will be a continual lesson).
  • Very early skills of dressing themselves (helping me pull their shirts over their head, putting their arms in their jackets).
  • Keeping all their food on their trays.
  • Easy puzzles.
  • Going on more walks around the neighborhood without a stroller to practice walking together nicely and following directions.
  • Using words like “under,” “behind,” “close,” and using colors to describe where and what objects are and then asking them to give them to each other or bring it to me.

Any tips for me?

What are you working on with your kids right now?

3 thoughts on “Twin Tuesday: What we are working on at 18 mo.”

  1. Thanks so much Deanna! I am was so excited to see your post. We were busy during the event last year and I am thrilled they are holding it again. I will definitely do a post on it (I am hoping they release a more detailed schedule soon)!

  2. Hi Kari,
    We love looking at the website and the pictures of our adorable cousins. We love the Ahhh… Art section. The watercolor pencils are so cool! 🙂

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