Welcome MOPS Moms and Cooking Economically Ladies!


It was great talking to all of you yesterday!  Take a few minutes to look around and you will see some of the things I specifically talked about and also some new stuff.  Along the right hand side there is a title called “Popular Posts.” Under that you will see links to my “Couponing 101” series and “Start Saving Now”.  As you can see, I post on a variety of topics with the majority of them about coupons, bargains, freebies, etc.  Many of the offers I post about are only offered for a limited time.  The best way to get in on them before they run out or expire is to either join through Google friends to be notified of new posts in your Google reader, or join the RSS feed.  Both are easy to get started with. If you have questions on how to do either let me know and I will try to help.  I will also have an option to get updates to your email address soon as well. My goal is to sift through all the deals on the internet and bring you the best ones in one place.  Check below to see a list of links I have compiled.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome MOPS Moms and Cooking Economically Ladies!”

  1. Ok Kari, I followed your Couponing 101 advice. I checked out a few other blogs that were mentioned at our MOPS meeting and I printed out coupons, loaded my Safeway card with all the ecoupons I could find, clipped store coupons, paired everything, then separated by store coupon and manufacture coupon, and wrote up a list. Then I hit Safeway this morning. My total before anything was $241.22 my final total was I $116.91. At total of 52% savings! I received the $5 catalina for Home for the Holidays, a free milk (any brand any flavor up to 3.60), and $20 Kohls cash. I did miss the $10 off $50 that was in the Tuesday Oregonian but over all I feel AWESOME about my first attempt. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  2. I forgot to say that the free milk catalina came from buying 3 Kellog’s Mini Wheats cereals 14.5oz or larger. Use the buy 4 and get $4 off store promo with manufactured coupons and you can get these boxes for $1 a piece plus a free milk coupon!

    1. Way to go Christa! Sounds like you really figured out a way to maximize your savings by using a variety of discounts. I am SO excited that you were brave enough to try and did so well! I am sure it took you some time, but I bet you would consider it well worth your time. You will find that after some practice you will get even faster preparing for your trips. This was a great week to try work the deals at Safeway! Keep your eyes peeled and I am sure the holiday promotions will continue. Once again….GREAT JOB!

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