Almost everything you ever wanted to know about shopping at Target.


Most everyone I know loves shopping at Target. The merchandise is appealing, the clothes are things you might actually want to wear, and the hunt for a good markdown is fun.  After shopping there for a bit I have learned a few tricks that help me make the most of my money.

-Target stores often do markdowns on Thursdays.  They manually scan and then tag the items with red stickers and either leave the item where it is, or often move it to an end cap.

-Common clearance markdowns include 15%, 30&, 40%, 50%, 75%, and 90% (occasionally other markdowns can be seen).  Consumable household items (zip lock bags, toothpaste etc.) often start off at 15%, while goods like clothes often start at 30%.

-Don’t just look for the red clearance sticker! Be sure to check the upper right hand corner of the red sticker for a number that will tell you what percentage off the item is.  15% off is not that impressive and a regular sale price is often times lower than that.

-Toy clearances happen twice a year. Once in August to make way for new toys for the Christmas season, and then again after Christmas.  I usually wait for them to hit 50%-75% off and then stock up.

-TARGET NOW PRICE MATCHES! Take the full add from the other store to the customer service desk and they will match for the exact same item. This even works on things like food items.  If you have a manufacturer coupon, a target coupon, and price match if it is cheaper somewhere else you can get a great deal! Price matching is a great way to prevent driving all over town to get the best deal.

-Target has coupons. There have been some changes recently and I believe that some of the coupons on their site are now manufacturer coupons for Target and some are still store coupons. Since you can only use one of each type on an item the Target coupons are more exciting because you can still pair them with a manufacturer coupon from your Sunday fliers or coupons etc.

Valuable Target links:

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Target’s coupon policy

Target’s price matching policy

If you are a big couponer you might want to print those policies out.  Keep them with your coupons in case you need to refer to them in the store or politely show your cashier.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or tips!

What is your favorite Target product, line, or snack?

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  1. Thank you for the great post! I am so glad to read relevant information, since many people out there doing coupons and writing about deals are shopping at Aldi? Kroger? CVS? …sorry, not helpful!!!

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