HOT! Ju-Ju-Be on Kidsteals and Babysteals

Had to throw this post up to tell you that and both have Ju-Ju-Be products featured this morning for 50% off. I LOVE Ju-Ju-Be products and they are very rarely on sale. The quality is amazing, they are super fun, and WASHABLE!


Kidsteals has a Mini be in “Groovy Garden” for $35

The Mini be works well as a smaller diaper bag for just the basics, a toddler/kid back back, or an easy to carry purse.


Babysteals has a Belights in “Pink and Green” for $17.50 (Groovy Garden is sold out)

The Belight is a great comfortable bag that is easy to throw on your body. I am excited to use it with the next baby when I am wearing them in a sling or carrier and need a bag that won’t interfere or weigh me down.  It comes with a light changing pad. I have heard that people are surprised how much this little bag can hold.  Since the straps tie they are also easily adjustable.

In case you were wondering, I got the Belight in Pink and Green…then I found out there was the Mini be on Kidsteals and I am telling myself that I made the right “decision” between the two.

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