Pregnancy Update-37 weeks

This pregnancy has definitely moved along much faster than when I was prego with the twinners.  I am 37 weeks and it is definitely time for an update. I am mainly doing these updates for myself because if it does not get blogged, my brain is likely to forget it forever!

Latest stats

37 weeks and 2 days pregnant

Countdown ticker says 20 days till due date.

BP consistently about 100-110/60-64 (Except yesterday when it was up a bit after listening to Hubby make 7 business calls on the way to Portland for our appt.  Apparently his job would stress me out.)

Up 22 pounds

Baby measuring just a bit ahead. Dr. said this is likely because I am short and baby sticks out pretty good instead of hiding inside.

Dilation-Nothing too notable to mention. I will spare you the details.

Baby head down and fairly low but not “dropped.”

Babies heart rate- 150 “on the nose”

Backup C-section scheduled for 12 past due date in Salem.

-Enjoying spending lots of time snuggling the kiddos. They seem need extra cuddle time and so do I. They ask me to come and get in my “cozy spot Mama” and they arrange my pillows so proudly. I lay down and they cuddle in and each try for the good spot next to me.  The other one has to lay on my side on top of me.  It is a very special time.  Even though there is constant blanket wrestling and climbing over me, I enjoy it.

-Still working on lots of projects to get the house and basics ready for baby girl when we have time. This looks very different than our prep before the twinners.  Before it was all about them and having everything just right, this time it is mainly about having the house in a decent place.

-Starting to get more tired than I have been the last few months.

-Going to try and start walking more to make sure my body knows I mean business. Not sure how this is going to work out with the “more tired” part.

-One of the sales women at the Gymboree Outlet that I know (she used to work in Salem and transferred over there) happens to go to the same OB in Portland and said she loves him. She also said that he was “from the old school,” which may be why I may not be getting the VBAC friendly vibes from him.

-The leader of the Portland VBAC support group emailed me back and told me that I was at pretty much the worst Dr. in regards to being supportive of VBAC’s. She highly recommended that I switch.  Bummer.  At this stage in the game I do not have the desire or energy to switch Dr’s (if it was even possible).  I am trusting God that it will all work out in his plan and am not going to make any changes.  Who knows who will even be on call when I deliver.

-Little man can’t wait to take the new baby to the Saturday Market and Little Lady is excited for her to “sit cozy” with us (snuggle on the couch).  So fun when I get glimpses into their minds.

-We have made a few name suggestions to them to see what they think.  They have both been very sure of the name from the time we started talking about it with them.  Not sure we could change our minds if we wanted to.  We love it though.  Still working on a finalizing middle name. Names are a BIG deal.  I keep having this feeling that if I had days to spend researching I could come up with the most perfect name.  Hard to feel like you are even scratching the surface of your options.

-I don’t mind wearing maternity clothes, but I am done with jeans that don’t stay where they belong.

-Enjoying the final days of pregnancy, not knowing if this will be our last baby.

-Slightly sentimental about going from our little family of 4 to 5.  We have a pretty cool thing going and I know a lot will change for my “babies”.

-Who will she look like? What will her personality be like? Can’t wait to see this baby’s sweet face!  She will be a blessing!

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  1. I am so happy for your new addition! Can’t wait to see and hear all about your new family! love you all.

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