Jumping back in. Nothing special.

(This post was written way back on Tuesday Sept 21st)

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get back to my blog. Well, Okay…I really can.  You would too if you knew what it has been like around here.  A very wonderful sort of crazy!  A lot of updating needs to happen.  Baby girl needs a proper introductory post, but I did not want that to keep me from just hopping back on here.  Currently typing during baby girls first forced nap.  I fed her a snack, walked her up the stairs and put her in the swing, and walked away.  This only has the possibility of working because she was already tired.  This is the first part of operation ” Put Baby on a Schedule.” Because dude, (reference for my fb friends) it’s time!  Nothing scary here, just hoping for at least two naps a day from her (which would be a HUGE improvement), less “snacks” and better “meals,” and some contented play time here and there.

Update- SHE HAS BEEN SLEEPING FOR 2 HOURS! I may have happened to try to put her on a schedule on one of her occasional sleepy days, but I will take it!

Here is an approximate schedule/order of operations I will head towards when possible.  I will adapt it as I see what is working best for her and us.

Dry cereal and cup of milk while watching a show for twinners (if up earlier than I want to start official breakfast.)

Breakfast for mama

Play a little

8:00-Make and start real breakfast and put twins in chairs.

Feed baby while kids eat

Get kids more food, continue with feeding

8:45 Get twinners diapers changed and dressed and put in play area to play.

Change and dress baby

Go into play area with all 3 to read and play

9:15- Give baby “snack”

9:30-Put baby down for morning nap upstairs

Put a load of laundry in and lay one out

Play with the twinners, work near them, or do a craft or project with them, give out vitamins, go outside, etc.

Feed baby when she gets up

Change twins diapers

Prepare lunch

11:50 or 12-Feed them lunch

Check diapers

12:50 or 1 Nap

Feed and try to get baby to take another nap based on when she got up from morning nap

Try and rest (rare)

3:00 (at least 1 kid almost always up by this time)

Diapers 3 X

Snack for tots

4:00 Activity or play area time

Prepare for daddy to come home

Dinner (feed baby)

Play, go for family walk, run errand, etc.

Check on laundry status

Have kids help pick up

745 ish-Feed baby after getting her ready for bed while daddy helps get twinners  ready for bed

devotions and then kids down

9:00 Usually down time for us

10:00 Babies last feeding

10:30 (or a bit later) BED

One thought on “Jumping back in. Nothing special.”

  1. I’d like to make a notion to accept a change in your schedule. I think bedtime typically arrives later, MUCH LATER, than 10:30 :-).

    Nice post, babe!

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