Christmas Picture Time

Its that time of year again. The time when you try to gather all your little ones together to capture “the greatest family photo of the year.”  It rarely works.  Inevitably you will realize that a picture that you shot on the fly last summer is much better of everyone than the one you took last Saturday at 9:15 in the morning.  None of the kids wanted anything to do with it and genuine smiles were nowhere to be found.  You now have a decision to make.  Either way a cute photo card is the way to go.  Bonus points if you can find a great deal.

Before our newest baby was born I was looking through a friends extensive display of family photo cards and baby announcements.  I snuck a peek at the back of all of the ones I liked and realized they were all from Shutterfly.  When baby was born I knew exactly what site to go to.  I picked one out and it sat in my cart for a long time.  I was having a hard time paying full price.  Then, one day I was at Target and saw a lady walking around with a baby registry freebie bag and remembered that they were out when we registered for baby girl (for the 10% registry fulfillment coupon that I never got).  I sent my very sweet hubby over to customer service to see if he could score us one.  VICTORY!  They granted us one.  I was surprised how many great coupons were in it…including a $20 gift card for SHUTTERFLY!!! I was thrilled.  It was a blessing and I could order the cards that I had been drooling over.  Fast forward to now.  Two thirds have been sent, and a few still sit waiting to go out (mainly the ones I don’t have addresses easily accessible for).  I always do this really stupid thing.  I get most of my baby announcements, thank you notes, Christmas cards, etc addressed and finished within moments of the party or event…feel a sense of relief and pride in having them “done”…and forget to do the rest for WAY TO LONG.  It is embarrassing and strange.

When Shutterfly announced that they would be giving free Christmas photo cards to bloggers I was thrilled.  Once again I can get my first choice cards for a steal!
Here are a couple I am loving:

The two are in the “Flat Photo Card” section and are currently 20% off are between 32 cents and 71 cents depending on which one you choose and how many you purchase.

Find it here

Find it here

My favorite style of cards are the “Flat Stationary Cards.” These go from about $1.03-$2.39. They are printed on a heavier type of paper rather than photo paper and some of the designs are just a bit more stylish than the photo cards.

Find Flat Stationary Cards here if you want to splurge.

If I can get my act together we will be attempting a round two of our Christmas photo shoot.  You just can’t let matching Gymboree outfits that you ordered the second the black Friday went live (with a coupon of course) go to waste. It would be a crime.

I will let you know how it turns out.

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