Back in the game!

It had been awhile since I have planned a big shopping trip.  I spent the kids nap time going through my coupons, reading blogs for match ups, printing coupons, and planning my stops.  I ended up hitting  Walgreens, LifeSource, and Fred Meyers.  I was quite excited with what I ended up with.  The most exciting part was how I was able to work the recent change in Fred Meyer’s coupon policy.  They are now taking Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out with your receipts at the end of a transaction).  They are reporting that they will take a Catalina from any store, as long as it says “manufacturer coupon” on it.

I was anxious to see if coupons like my Register Rewards from Walgreens would work like it sounded they might…and THEY DID.  I had $12 in RR’s and they just came off my total at Fred Meyers.  This is wonderful news because I was able to use them in the same shopping outing on things like groceries and clothes I needed.   It was so much easier than saving them for my next Walgreen’s trip and trying to figure out what to spend them on (before they expired).  This is another great example of how couponing can even help fund your natural/whole foods budget (disregard the Cheez-Its) :).

Here is what I got at F.M.

2 Bags of Kettle chips 2/$5 sale this week

2 bags of organic potatoes 2/$5 sale this week

3 organic pears (not on sale)

2 boxes of Annies mac 10/$10 plus used a manufacturers coupon they had on a tear pad right above which made them about 65 cents

Food Should Taste Good GF multigrain crackers (for retreat) $2 ish after coupon

2 jars of organic baby food (trying new tricks to get baby to eat food)

Yoplait-coupon for free product.

2 dozen “repackaged” eggs.  I had a coupon that would work on any 2 packages of eggs, but they did not have any on a good sale.  I happened to find 2 packages of eggs for 99 cents each.  I asked the guy about them and he said that when an egg breaks in a package, they repackage them and mark them down.  Little shopping trip blessing 🙂

2 boxes of Cheez-Its on sale plus used a store coupon and manufacturer coupon.  (Both supposed to be for the Women’s retreat this weekend, but hubby found them and suggested we keep one.)

1 box of Chex for $2 after sale and store coupon (somehow did not get in picture…wonder if I missed others?)

4 pairs of Kids Connection shorts (we especially love the girls ones) and 2 shirts.  On sale for 4.99 each and then an extra 15% off with coupon in the baby sale flier (thanks Sarah!).

Total for all pictured- $40.95 (loved using my Walgreen’s RR’s!)

Here are my purchases from Walgreen’s

Pull-ups-4.99 after Register Rewards and coupon

Baby Magic-Free after RR’s

Colgate-Free after RR’s

Aquaphor lip treatment-free after RR’s and manufacturer coupon

Children’s “tylenol” B1G1 free this week-$4.99 for both

Quaker Oats- Used coupon in ad and manufacturers coupon and got for $1.50

Total for this trip- about $21 out of pocket and got $12 in RR’s

Here are my purchases at LifeSource

Wheat Berries for grinding-$6.55

Little organic oranges for $1.58 they were only 49 cents per lb. !!! GREAT DEAL (Head there soon if you want some)

Organic raspberry kefir on sale for $3.69

Total  $8.72 (after returning glass cream containers and bag discount from bringing my own bag)

Happy shopping! Let me know if you have any questions!

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