28 Days of Fun Challenge: Tea Parties or Tantrums Edition.

Okay, here is my goal.  I am going to try and do something “fun,” mildly creative, or educational with the kids every day.  We spend lots of time playing, but I want to try to do something out of routine with the twins (recently turned 3) Monday through Saturday.  We started around Thursday March 31st.

Here are a couple of the things we have done so far.

-Play Doh (and I did not even hide that extruder toy that creates a big mess and mixes all the colors) 🙂

-Went on a “nature walk” at Minto Brown Park.  We even saw a bunny.  But we did not see any “red peckers…um wood-pokers” (woodpeckers) as Little Man calls them.

-Played with the magnetic board and alphabet magnets.

-Forgot to do something fun and pretended something normal was “fun.”

-Went to the opening day of the Saturday Market in the rain.

-Played outside with a little friend.

-Let Sweet Baby (her blog name changes often) roam the play room which is not easy to do with all the tiny pieces of chaos that float about the room (talking about the toys not the twins).

-Cut out little pieces of cardboard and played “recycling” with their recycling truck.

-Had a tea party with Great Grandma during her Monday morning visit.

…more less-interesting things that I already forgot.

If you want to join in on the fun please do.  Post some fun activities you are enjoying with your kids on your blog, or leave a comment.  If you are feeling extra ambitious try to do something fun every M-F or M-Sat.  This is not meant to be tons of work! Just a fun challenge to get you to think outside your mommy box.

Because, Ya know…tea parties with Great Grandma are always more fun than…

…fighting over a stool with your sister.

Happy Monday!

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