Mommy, am I going to be sick on my Birthday?

Sick…that is what we have been over here for a large chunk of the fall and winter.  We have had something like 7 full blown viruses since the very start of fall.  It is kind of a joke.  A sick joke.

I am actually not sure what I think about it.  I am still trying to sort it all out.  I am sure God is trying to teach me something, so I am trying to pay attention.  Something about relying on him. Something about how I can not keep my kids healthy. Something about how he is in control…not me.  So I am just going to try and deal with it.

I have always said I would rather have it be me sick than my kids.  Well that has happened too.  The kids seem to bounce back between bugs…but I do not.  I have asthma.  I can’t eat half of the healthy things my family eats because of food allergies.  It all plays a role.  My lungs have been messed up EVERY single day for almost 4-ish months.  I am not dying. I am not in severe distress.  I am just trying to get through.  I have had 2-3 likely sinus infections, but thanks to the neti-pot and some serious steam breathing, shower taking, bla bla bla I have kicked them.  I am so thankful I did not have to take antibiotics.  Antibiotics.  They are bad for you.  Extra bad for people with a handful of weird health issues like I have.  Don’t feel bad for me. I am fine.  But yeah.  Still have the junked up lungs.

Kids currently trying to get healthy.  Thought I had this cold already a few days ago…woke up today with a more sore throat than usual…NOW I might actually have it.  Great.  Hoping that by the grace of God, this one won’t set me back much.  What has been happening is I catch a cold…kick most of it after about 3 weeks…and go back to where I was with my lung/asthma stuff.  I have been seeing a naturopath for the first time.  I know, kinda weird…kinda awesome.  I have gone twice and have a whole arsenal of things I am trying.  I am all about actually healing my body and getting it better rather than just taking stuff to mask the symptoms.  I am am also totally for “modern” medicine when it is needed.  But, I want to have a healthy body.  I want clear lungs, and I would love to eventually be off of my daily inhaler.  Because my asthma started up “randomly” after the twins were born I think it is possible to reverse some things and maybe not have to deal with it as much.

It has been a weird week.  We actually planned a couple fun things with friends and had to cancel it all.  My mom and grandma had other plans for all of this week and part of last so our “regular”  grandma times that break up the week are missing.  So here I am.  Just me and my sick kids all day every day.  And most of the time I can totally handle it.  When your kids are uber grumpy, snotty, and needy and you are the only one to deal with it for most of the day…you just do.  You are a mom and it is your job.  God made us for this.  Never easy, always worth it.


-Baby (17 mo) is actually sleeping through the night most nights (for the last few nights).  See how loosely I refer to all of this?  The decent sleep I am getting most nights  this past week has been a huge blessing and a large part of why I am still sane.

-my Birthday my mother-in-law is bringing over a sweet cleaning lady to clean my house tomorrow (I don’t know her, but any lady who comes to my house to clean is “sweet”).  Any guess what I have been doing for days to prepare? Clean. Nothing like the motivation of having two ladies in your home to get things moving.  Cleaning right now=killing clutter piles and half dusting so that it looks like you might actually dust on occasion.  Very excited and totally nervous.

I will leave you with some recent quotes.

“Mommy am I going to be sick on my BIRTHDAY???”  Quote from my melodramatic 3 year old son whose birthday is not until February.

“Mommy, my head hurts…a little bit all over…I think it is a headache, but I will be easy going about it (in a fairly cheery voice)”  Quote from my 3 year old Little Miss.

Hope things are well in your home!

Over and out.

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