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The Hubs has been working hard making my dreams come true the past few days.  After a trip to Home Depot he had the supplies to make 3 storage systems for laundry baskets.  I have seen these called “Laundry Basket Dressers” and have not been able to think up a cuter name.  The only thing better than one really cool laundry-basket-holder-thingy is …three!  One would not have done us much good.  We have LOTS of laundry around here and I am a bit compulsive about my numerous categories.

Here are some basic iPhone pictures to give you an idea of the process.

This sweet girl was so thrilled to help Daddy that she was on a high for hours after.

Little man testing out the “elevator” as they liked to call them.

Here is the finished dresser without the baskets and before it was painted.

With baskets…

Here is the one that is going in our room.  We did not want to buy paint for this project so we just used colors we had.  The ones for the laundry room are a soft green (but not as soft as it looks in the last picture) and the one for our room is a bit deeper green.

Here are both beasts we squeezed into our laundry room right after Hubs carried them up.

Now instead of having a huge pile of laundry on the floor in my laundry room and digging through it each time I start a load, I can categorize it perfectly and when the basket fills up I know it is time to do that load.  The set in our room will likely be used for clean laundry (per hubbys request).  Since things rarely all get folded and put away immediately, this will be a nice clean place for it to await its next home.  Maybe someday I will go into more detail about my laundry process (I won’t call it a “system” because I have in no way mastered the laundry beast around here).  I have found a couple things that save me some time…and a few things that don’t save time but do save wear and tear on our clothes and money.

The main thing we changed from other designs we found on the web was making them for the bigger laundry baskets.  I did not see a purpose in creating storage for baskets that would not really hold a full load of laundry.  The only downside is that by making them this size they really can not be stacked on top of each other and easily accessed.  They pretty much have to go side by side.  He also left a gap at the top of each basket so that things could be thrown in without having to pull the basket out every time.

Here are some basics

  • Laundry baskets-Sterilite 2 bushel, shiny tan colored. Found Walmart for $8.99 each (regular price…I know.  Kinda killed a little part of me to pay for 9 regular priced laundry baskets.  Actually the lady did not charge us for the first 3 we bought….when we went back to look for 6 more they only had 5 and we had her charge us for the first 3 too…and we still need 1 because they did not have enough.  Did you follow that?)
  • Wood for all 3 cost about $64.  He used (2) sheets 3/4″ plywood for the top, sides, and bottom.  (1) sheet of 1/4″  plywood for the backs.  For the rails that hold up the baskets he used (4) 8 foot  2×2’s.
  • After be built them he sanded, primed, and painted with one good coat.  By rolling on where you can you will be able to paint them faster and get a smoother coat.  You can also use wood filler after sanding and before painting to get a more finished look on your plywood.
  • Tools and supplies used-wood, circular saw, drill, sander, level, 2 inch wood screws, 1/4inch screws for the back, wood filler, primer (if you have it), paint, paint brushes and roller.

I am sure I totally left something out.  Just wanted to get this post up for people who were curious to see what these looked like.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I will try to get Hubs to provide me with some more detailed dimensions for this project.  Maybe even some fancier pictures of the finished product.

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  1. Thanks Meaghan! Feels good to actually put some of the “pinning” to good use! You guys could totally rock this project with all your skills!

  2. Lisa, Hmm…whites, bath towels, dish towels, reds/hot pinks, Conrads stuff, kids stuff that can go in the dryer (socks, undies, pj’s and clothes that were purchased second hand or hand-me-downs), kids stuff that I dry on the rack (most stuff), my stuff, and diapers (when I am actually using cloth).

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