Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale (Runs now-5/16/12)

It is nearing the time when I should start thinking about Summer clothes for the children.  In Oregon we will generally not have to bust the tanks and shorts out for a bit, but the time to get these items on sale is now. By the time our weather gets warm these items will likely be just getting marked down. Often the first markdown is still higher than these baby sale prices.

The “Kids and Baby Sale” started yesterday (Monday) and is one of my favorite sales that Old Navy rotates through.  I headed out solo to the Keizer Station store after dinner (as I prefer not dragging my little ones through the “gauntlet of temptation” check out line very often). 🙂

Here are some shots of some of their best deals. Most of these are in the toddler areas…since by Old Navy’s standards I have three toddlers.  And yes, I am doing this post during their nap time.

Toddler girl tanks and knit shorts. $4

Toddler girl twill and denim shorts. $6-10


Toddler girl dresses. $8

Girls solid dresses $10


Toddler boys polos $6


Toddler boys short sleeve $5


Can you say ADORABLE?


If you want to see what else they have on sale you can head over here.

To compare prices I stopped into Target for a few minutes right after Old Navy.  Target did not have anything too interesting on sale this week and their basics were priced a bit higher than Old Navy’s baby sale items.  While I generally really like Target, I preferred most of Old Navy’s summer basics more this season.  I gravitate towards stripes, prints, and solids and most of what I was finding at Target (especially in the boys dept.) was pretty heavy on the graphics. Also, the Circo boys shorts were pretty poor fitting.


Tips for shopping at Old Navy

  • If you do not see the sizes you need on a sale item and they do not have back stock, just buy the item and exchange it for the right size later.  You can call the store first to find out if the item is in and save yourself a trip.
  • Don’t forget to participate in the surveys that sometimes print out at the end of your receipt.  10% off is always a fantastic bonus.
  • If you are shopping online, you totally should use Ebates to get an easy percentage back. Right now Old Navy is giving you 2% back, but often certain stores offer double their normal percentage during different times of the year.  It is easy to sign up and you usually get a $10 gift card to popular stores too if you are new customer.  They automatically sent you your refund check a couple times a year.  (Lately we have used Ebates to get cash back from REI and Best Buy).
  • Be sure to look for clearance items with the red mark down stickers throughout the entire store (not just in the traditional places you find clearance items).

Happy bargain hunting!



Old Navy provided me with a discount on my purchase for sharing the deals I found.

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