Here are some pictures from our mini session with the fabulous Heidi Helser.  She was doing a couple days of 30 minute sessions as a fundraiser for our local La Leche League (breastfeeding support group).  I was thrilled to have the chance to capture some pictures of our nursing days.  The slot I was able to get was while Hubs was working.  Thankfully, my sweet mama came along for to help out.  After I got everyone up from naps and pretty in record time, we headed to Bella Vie for our session…and on the way inside baby girl and I got stuck in a DOWNPOUR.  Wet hair, no hair brush, ya know. No biggie.  One of the rules of parenting is that there MUST be a bit of drama during family pictures.

Second half of this post contains modest nursing pictures.  Cut out early if you are so inclined.

Sometimes I think nursing is not shared about enough. It should not be a “best kept secret”.  It can be hard (trust me, I know), but it IS amazing.

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