Bored. Overtired. Typing. (When things get funny)

Last night was our anniversary. Eighth anniversary. This does not sound too impressive, but since we dated for 4 years before that…it kinda feels like forever. Forever in a good way.  Until your husband posts awkward pictures of you in your very early dating stages on his Facebook page and then writes a status update that gets 70something likes. Sorry that I did not write you a ooey-gooey fb message, babe.  Our love was already clogging up the stream and I did not want to make anyone gag on their spicy black bean burger.

So, we went out to dinner at Screen Door like we (almost) always do. Why go somewhere fancy when we won’t like the food as much? Let’s be real.  I put on my heels and packed the flats just in case we had to walk any farther than across the street. My tiny feet don’t do heels well.

We hit up the Nordstrom Rack for 45 minutes after dinner. Because. We. Could.  Closed da place down. Beaverton style.  Right after Hubs told me about how he is really getting the hang of navigating most of Portland we took the wrong exit.  Lesson to never be prideful.  You might lose 7 precious minutes of tot-less shopping.

It was a blast.  Love you babe. You are beyond amazing and I am blessed by you everyday.  I am the lucky one.

I was going somewhere with this post…what was that?

Oh, yeah.  When things get funny.

So last night after our date I was so tired, but completely buzzed from the fun.  I was restless.  I felt like a baby who needed to be swaddled.  I almost stole hubby’s pillow out from under him to bury my head under.  I could not fall asleep.  Yesterday morning hubs also had an early meeting and I had a date with little people who were bummed daddy was already gone, but thrilled he left them little bowls of banana chips on our nightstand.  MAJOR CRUNCHING in my bed at 6:45. Good thing they are so cute.

Then today continued the saga of crazy toddler antics.  After getting a late start on naps (because I had a meeting) we were already on the wrong track from the get go.  Little man could not go to sleep and then went in and woke up his sister.  If you have young children you know this is a major offense.  Since my tots nap everyday having both twins not sleeping is a problem. Especially during a season of struggling with peace and obedience.  So after sneaking into the other room twice I said they could just lay together and be quiet and that I needed 20 minutes of quiet before they could get up (yes, I know…bad idea).  Somewhere inside of that small window they found a crayon and Little Miss went to town on her toddler bed (only used for her naps).  My children writing with color crayon on furniture? Thought I would never have those children. 🙂 This ended nap time. Insert lots of tantrums from lack of sleep and a last minute trip through the sprinkler in their underwear.  The children. Not us.

Hubby had some family from LA text him tonight to ask him if he wanted to meet up for a bit.  This left me home alone to occupy my time.  We have been without cable for almost 2 months and I have to say I have hardly noticed.  Tonight I am far too tired to be productive. Turned on a stand up comedian (not the dirty variety) and almost died laughing.  Apparently when all you have watched lately is documentaries on Helvetica (the type face) and urban planning, your little ones were running napless, and you are tired, any comedy is off the charts funny.  I started out mildly amused and by the end I was a giggling mess.  Now I am trying to blog under the influence of these same conditions and this is what you get.  Random stuff and sentence fragments.  Maybe only slightly more interesting than my brief post on my Grocery Outlet trip today.  Well, guess I should call it a night.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

Do you have any crayon where it does not belong at your house?


-Excuse the bad photography. I had no intentions of blogging any of this.

9 thoughts on “Bored. Overtired. Typing. (When things get funny)”

  1. Nope – BIG RED MARKER.

    And this was from my oldest child, this week. Do you know how much better it feels to see this post? I was really concerned. It is still all over the front of her white dresser and I still can’t figure out why she had a red marker in her bedroom???

    Congrats on 8 years and on arriving (with me) in the stage of parenting insanity. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness…. I am back real quick to say that toothpaste is a great remover of these unwanted marks. Yesterday I tried to have the guilty child help me clean but had to tackle it myself with harsh cleaners, Magic eraser…. those didn’t do much more than smear the ink. Today tried toothpaste and it’s like new!!! YAY!

    1. Oh my. Glad you were able to find something that worked. Never heard of the toothpaste thing. Amazing. If we ever have a run in with a marker I will give it a shot. Thanks for your faithful readership. 🙂 You might have earned the #1 commenter award.

  3. When did you get so funny? Oh, yeah. You have always been! Great post. I have chocolate therapy. You’ll want to ask me for it when I come, or I will probably forget. (See my post regarding birthday card.)

    1. Thanks for the chocolate therapy and appreciating my humor. Only had 3 bites (savoring it), but it was incredible. Love you mama!

  4. I was going to suggest Magic Eraser as well! I know these kinds of days very well. I call them “EVERY DAY.” And my kids each gave up naps at 18 months. So I am all too familiar with your pain. Hope today was better!

    1. 18 months? Oh goodness. That is just wrong. Glad we are on this mama journey together. It is no small task! I will give the Magic Eraser a try first. Thanks for the tip! My dad is obsessed with them and I have a few stashed away.

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