$100 a Month Grocery Challenge

For the last couple weeks I have been thinking about taking a month to really cut back on grocery spending and eat mostly from what we have on hand.  We have a fairly stocked freezer with a good amount of fruits and veggies and a few packages of meat. Our pantry is moderately stocked and we have a good amount of most of the items we use in bulk.

My husband and I have been talking about our budget more lately. It feels good to have some goals. It is also a good reality check to break everything down in our monthly spending and and see where we need to be.

I want to do my best to only spend $100 on groceries for the next month and see how it goes.  I will still be buying the same types of natural and organic items we normally do, just less of it.  It will definitely be challenging.  We spend quite a bit more that $100 on a monthly basis. Also, I normally make small trips to about 3 stores a week for sales and to look for markdowns.  Our children are beginning to eat a lot more than they used to and we can go through a good amount of groceries.

By the way, we will not be increasing our eating out budget to cut back on grocery spending. 🙂

Here are the ways we will save this month.

-Eat more from our stock at home.

-Eat slightly more creative meals.

-Use recipies that stretch meat a bit more than we are used to.

-We might be making a few more things from scratch. Maybe more bread?

-I will likely go to fewer stores than I usually do.

-If there are not any exciting sales some weeks I might skip shopping altogether for a week or two.

-We will probably eat a bit less of a variety of fruits and only buy what is on a SUPER sale.

-We will still get most of our veggies from our CSA and garden.

-We will switch to using an envelope and cash rather than a card. This will be the easiest way to track my spending and my first time using this system.


If you are motivated to cut your grocery budget this month, or even join me in the $100 challenge leave a comment.  Even if you start after the first of the month just roll your 30-ish days into September.

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  1. I have been wanting to to this so bad!I need to wait until we get settled into the new house. What I would like to do first is figure out how much we normally spend in a month. Then I could set a reasonable goal to decrease it by. I can’t imagine $100. You can do it!

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