Old Navy Back to School Sales (through 8/15)

Its that time of year. Even though it sure feels like Summer, the stores are calling it “Back to School”.  For us homies (homeschoolers), back to school means time to stock up on jeans and school/art supplies for the year.  Old Navy is where we tend to get most of our jeans for the little ones. They hold up well and if I buy them during this time of year I can get them for a great price.

Today I went to the Keizer Station store and right now almost all of their basic jeans in the toddler, boy, and girl departments are $10.  Look for the big walls and they will be clearly marked.  This was my first time getting out of the toddler department for any of my children and I have to say that I am a little sad.  It is nice to have more options for fit and washes though.  For my daughter I got a pair of the Skinny and Super Skinny (they are not “painted on” at all on her). She wears so many leggings that she says that boot cut pants feel “weird and too big” to her.  Since she wears them with dresses, tunics, and boots during most of the year they seem to work well.

For my son I got the toddler Regular Fit jeans (Jeans shown above are from Boys).  The toddler boys painter style are super cute, but are cut wider and we need the more narrow cut for him.

Some of the other deals I was excited about were boys polos for $5! Girls knit shirts for $3-5 (the solid $3 ones are a super cute cut). I also loved the camis for women for $3.50. I love layering most shirts and dresses with a cami and this is a killer price.  They also had some great colors.

Because I am a shortie I always have lots of interaction with the employees when I am trying to get my hands on sizes. Today I was blessed to be able to get out of there with almost everything I was looking for.  As a stay at home mom I find myself having way more conversations with strangers than I used to. I think Brooklyn (the uber sweet lady who rang me up) might be my new BFF.  We laughed about color strategies when purchasing camis and I was this close to giving a PSA for the Clean Well (all natural) hand sanitizer I purchased to bump my purchase up to get some Super Cash.

I also noticed quite a good selection with the Women’s markdown area.  If you interested in any of the back to school items for children I would head down there as soon as possible.  Some of there sizes were running low.  The toddler department looked to be running out of some sizes.  If you are needing a size that you can’t find in store I would recommend buying the same color and style that you want in a different size and then exchanging it for the right size when they get a new shipment (I was told that it might be a while before they have a new shipment).  Ask an employee if you have a question about the best way to get what you need.  You could also try shopping online if you are sure of the sizes you need.  I always like to see the items in person whenever possible.

*It sounds like their back to school sale ends on the 15th so if you need basics head down there within the next few days.

Happy back to school shopping, but don’t forget to enjoy your Summer!

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