Mama Needs a New Easter Dress

Snuck into the Keizer Station Old Navy this morning for a bit to preview their big dress promotion that starts today (check links in this post for prices).  I was thrilled to find my main spring weakness being featured. Eyelet! My tried and true Easter dress for years was actually a somewhat similar pink and white seersucker dress from Old Navy.  We dressed the twins up in eyelet and seersucker and my husband and I even got all into the preppy spring madness (picture hubs in pale blue seersucker blazer and matching pants). We were dorks and completely fine with it. Easter is one of the only days that an Oregonian can go all out and look like they are fresh off a yacht brunch cruise. Live it up.

Wanted to share with my bargain hunting friends about this sale. Word on the street is that both women and children’s dresses will be included. Price points in Women’s will be only $15-$25.  Girls will start at $10. Their main feature in women’s will be these beauts… The quality was a step up from what I was expecting and they were even fully lined. Think J.Crew style….for Old Navy prices.  If you need a spring dress this would be so cute. You could add belt if you wanted, a fun chunky necklace, cute espadrilles for spring, or some brown boots in fall if you picked the right color (maybe the navy or green) and paired with a cute sweater.

There were also some fun dresses for girls. If you are looking for something for Easter get your buns in soon. Things are flying out of there but there are still some cute options.

And these for the toddler crowd were cute.

Or this for a great everyday choice and bargain (Think spring Hanna Anderson…for cheap). Pair with some cute 3 for $15 toddler girl leggings or some skinny jeans you have from back to school time.

And um, let’s not forget the boys. These shorts and springy shirts were SO cute (quality and fit of shorts was great). The shorts are must-have for my little guy.

Here are a couple more pieces I was loving. This stripe dress had an adorable cut and was looked so easy to wear or travel with. At $15 it would be great for a summer basic.

And these? Yes, please.

And were you wondering if this prego took the plunge on an dress? Yes, I did. Next year I will be the happily donning this cute one.  I chose the navy because it is classic and will transition well into other seasons. I am picturing it with some really cute brown sandals…that I have been on the hunt for for months. Hard to find something when most of your shopping is …um…grocery shopping.

Don’t forget it is also Super Cash earning time! Get $10 off your next purchase of $25 or more  (during redemption time) for each $25 you spend now (up to $75).


Old Navy invited me into the store to check out this promotion in exchange for a discount on my dress. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

Bored. Overtired. Typing. (When things get funny)

Last night was our anniversary. Eighth anniversary. This does not sound too impressive, but since we dated for 4 years before that…it kinda feels like forever. Forever in a good way.  Until your husband posts awkward pictures of you in your very early dating stages on his Facebook page and then writes a status update that gets 70something likes. Sorry that I did not write you a ooey-gooey fb message, babe.  Our love was already clogging up the stream and I did not want to make anyone gag on their spicy black bean burger.

So, we went out to dinner at Screen Door like we (almost) always do. Why go somewhere fancy when we won’t like the food as much? Let’s be real.  I put on my heels and packed the flats just in case we had to walk any farther than across the street. My tiny feet don’t do heels well.

We hit up the Nordstrom Rack for 45 minutes after dinner. Because. We. Could.  Closed da place down. Beaverton style.  Right after Hubs told me about how he is really getting the hang of navigating most of Portland we took the wrong exit.  Lesson to never be prideful.  You might lose 7 precious minutes of tot-less shopping.

It was a blast.  Love you babe. You are beyond amazing and I am blessed by you everyday.  I am the lucky one.

I was going somewhere with this post…what was that?

Oh, yeah.  When things get funny.

So last night after our date I was so tired, but completely buzzed from the fun.  I was restless.  I felt like a baby who needed to be swaddled.  I almost stole hubby’s pillow out from under him to bury my head under.  I could not fall asleep.  Yesterday morning hubs also had an early meeting and I had a date with little people who were bummed daddy was already gone, but thrilled he left them little bowls of banana chips on our nightstand.  MAJOR CRUNCHING in my bed at 6:45. Good thing they are so cute.

Then today continued the saga of crazy toddler antics.  After getting a late start on naps (because I had a meeting) we were already on the wrong track from the get go.  Little man could not go to sleep and then went in and woke up his sister.  If you have young children you know this is a major offense.  Since my tots nap everyday having both twins not sleeping is a problem. Especially during a season of struggling with peace and obedience.  So after sneaking into the other room twice I said they could just lay together and be quiet and that I needed 20 minutes of quiet before they could get up (yes, I know…bad idea).  Somewhere inside of that small window they found a crayon and Little Miss went to town on her toddler bed (only used for her naps).  My children writing with color crayon on furniture? Thought I would never have those children. 🙂 This ended nap time. Insert lots of tantrums from lack of sleep and a last minute trip through the sprinkler in their underwear.  The children. Not us.

Hubby had some family from LA text him tonight to ask him if he wanted to meet up for a bit.  This left me home alone to occupy my time.  We have been without cable for almost 2 months and I have to say I have hardly noticed.  Tonight I am far too tired to be productive. Turned on a stand up comedian (not the dirty variety) and almost died laughing.  Apparently when all you have watched lately is documentaries on Helvetica (the type face) and urban planning, your little ones were running napless, and you are tired, any comedy is off the charts funny.  I started out mildly amused and by the end I was a giggling mess.  Now I am trying to blog under the influence of these same conditions and this is what you get.  Random stuff and sentence fragments.  Maybe only slightly more interesting than my brief post on my Grocery Outlet trip today.  Well, guess I should call it a night.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

Do you have any crayon where it does not belong at your house?


-Excuse the bad photography. I had no intentions of blogging any of this.

Happy 4th Birthday My Sweet Twins.

I can’t believe that today you turn four years old.  Four years ago today we became parents for the first time.  We went from having no children, to having two children.  We considered ourselves blessed to get to experience what it was like having twins.  Before you were born your Daddy’s common phrase was, “Can you believe we are having TWO babies!?!”

First birthday whole wheat muffin "cake" with yogurt frosting.

You have brought us endless amounts of joy.  Our lives shifted in HUGE ways after you were born.  You teach us on a daily basis what is important.  Something about having twins threw us full force into family life.  We could not pretend to be able to do the things we did before you in the same way.  God made it clear that our life was to change.  He had something better for us.  We longed for you.  We waited for you.  We were happy to accommodate.

You have been best buddies and partners in everything from the very beginning.  You slept better together as newborns, entertained yourselves happily together as babies, shared your precious animals crackers with each other when we expected you to keep them for yourself, put your brains together to scheme up crazy antics as young toddlers, and became full-fledged best friends as older toddlers.  Now you are four, and will continue to define what it means to be brother, sister, and share the term and bond of “twins”.

Caught sharing your precious animal crackers.
Crazy antics.
Best Friends

When you were younger we would try to do “special” things with each of you separately from time to time.  We were often surprised to find out that you really seemed to have less fun without your twin.  Now that you are a bit older you seem to be able to appreciate it for short amounts of time.

We go through our day-to-day activities and aren’t fully aware how you being twins and close friends affects our life.  When you are separated from each other or we go into a new situation we sometimes get glimpses.

As I was preparing to take you (Little Man) for a “Mommy date” you say to your sister, “I don’t know what to order at lunch! Can you tell me what to order?”  I thought it was such a cute window into the security you have in each other that I often miss.  You were feeling apprehensive about doing something you normally have no fear over.  You knew you would be fine, but wanted your sister’s help.

"It's okay! I will be back. I will text you!"

When offered something special, you often want your twin to get the same things as well.  If it is good, you know your sibling would want it too.

Being a twin is a special thing many don’t get to experience.  I am so glad that you guys have fully embraced the bond.  You love each other, value each other, take different roles, then switch roles seamlessly when a change is needed, and share most things like it is just the way it’s supposed to be.

You both are a little preoccupied about the future.  You both want to know who you will marry. You both think it makes perfect sense to marry each other.  You are partners now, and I love that you want to be partners later.  Even though you will someday start lives on your own, I pray you will always be close and share this special bond.

First big walk outside.

What a twin Birthday means at our house.

  • Two times to sing Happy Birthday.  Everybody deserves their own little song.
  • A special meal of choice.  Usually you agree on the same thing.  If not, we make sure everybody has something they enjoy.
  • A choice of dessert.  Often cakes.  Something for each twin to “blow out.”
  • Usually a party, sometimes a special day instead.
  • A couple presents.  This year a couple smaller ones and a big one to share.  I feel sharing gifts only helps you learn and creates less fights for the future.  Nobody can say “Hey that is MINE” when they know it is “ours”.

So far you have absolutely no issues sharing your birthday.  I kinda think you prefer it this way.  What could be more fun than sharing a special day with your best friend?

Storytime on your first birthday.
Cupcakes on your 3rd birthday.

We love you precious our precious Littles! Happy Birthday!


Christmas Card Time!

It’s that time of year again.  The time when we all bribe our kids in attempts to get the “greatest family photo of all time” to send off to loved ones.  On Saturday one of our friends blessed us by offering to take our picture.  Our kids were not feeling well and it was cold and windy…but I am sure there are a few gems in there anyway.  Our photographer used a tripod.  Tripods always equal success.

When I heard about a program from Tiny Prints for bloggers to get 50 free photo cards I was thrilled.  We have never used them before, but their cards look amazing!

Here are a few of my favorites (click on images for links)…



Which one am I choosing? NO IDEA! There are too many I really love.  One thing I really liked about Tiny Prints was the number of types of cards you can choose from.  They have the traditional rectangular and long photo cards, but also adorable tri-fold folding, and round.  You can even get the corners rounded on your rectangular cards.  If you go with one of the traditional cards I LOVE the rounded corner option.  Many of the cards also have super cute printed backs that coordinate.

If you are shopping for cards their current promotion is save 20% off your entire order with the code 20SAVE (ends 11/15).  I will watch to see what their next promotions is and update this post!


What are your tricks for getting a great picture of your family? Do you just pick the best picture from the last year and call it good, or have pictures taken specifically for your cards?

The Twins 3rd Birthday-A Peter Pan Party

Back in February we celebrated the 3rd birthday of our sweet twins.  I had such a great time planning their party.  It is not always the easiest task to find a gender neutral theme that everyone can agree on when you have boy/ girl twins.  I have been dreaming of this party since they were very little and thought 3 would be the perfect age to have this party.  Three is such a magical age.  I figured they would be old enough to remember it, but young enough to let mama dream and scheme.  I have loved Peter Pan since childhood and am thrilled that the tots love it as much as I do.

This post will be picture heavy!  I figure if you have a double birthday you need to have double the pictures.

Come along on a journey to Neverland…Here we GOOOO!


Peter getting some last minute booty at the store

This Peter Pan birthday banner was SO cool. Unfortunately I did not get a very good picture of it.


Mama and our little Wendy

Peter Pan, little Wendy, and Tinkerbell























Tink getting her very long awaited pink uke from Unc D. What a special gift!








































































































































































Party details:

-We kept it small to try to prevent Little Man’s famous phrase, “OH NO! Too many people.”

-Booty for the little attenders included; Crayons and star stickers wrapped in bakers twine (love this stuff), a roll of paper to trace their shadow, and some “Lost Boys trail mix” for the journey home.

-We held it at our neighborhood clubhouse which the kids call the “Birthday House.”

-Little Lady was quite hesitant to wear her Tink outfit.  She was pretty sure she wanted to wear a “Pretty dress.”  How do you explain that mama kicked her pirate booty to keep it all in theme and that it would be most delightful if she would oblige? She paired it with some polka dot leggings and sparkly shoes and was satisfied with the outcome.

-Little Man wore some of our favorite “Saturday Market pants”, his favorite boots, a green polo, a “Peter Pan belt” (that he wore for days after), and a mama made Peter Pan hat (which he still wears daily).

Thanks for coming along!