Works For Us Wednesday: T-Shirts as Bibs



I have a confession.  My children do not like wearing bibs and I have been a failure at convincing them that they are a good idea (and I am bummed because I have some really cute ones too).  I think some of the problem stems from the fact that for the first 6 or so months of their life feedings consumed my entire day and were the source of many frustrations and tears.  Now that there is no more pumping, nursing, and rotating between a small stash of tricky little bottles I am glad.  Glad for the fact that my days now consist of more playing, learning, jabbering, exploring and less hour and 15 minute feedings to try and get 3 oz down.  Now that they are eating a variety of solids at meals accompanied with milk feedings are more relaxed. After a few weeks of trying to keep them from ripping off their bibs the entire meal I realized that their must be another option. Many meals aren’t even that messy and a little food on their clothes is not a big deal.

On days when I am wanting to protect their clothes a little more, or they are diving into something particularly sloppy I just put one of my old t-shirts on them. The short sleeves hit them in just the right place to cover most if their arms and leave their hands exposed.  They also cover much more of their clothes than any regular bib would.  Because the shirt feels more like clothes to them they don’t fight them like they do bibs. I just leave a couple t-shirts downstairs on their shelf and after they have trashed both front and back I sometimes turn them inside out and then wash them when needed. It works for us!