Free Right@Home Gift Pack-Ziploc

Its time for another Right@Home gift pack!  They are giving 10,000 away (which might go quickly). This time it contains one box of sandwich bags and one Twist N’ Lock container.  To be eligible you must not have received one of their gift packs within the past 180 days and also must be a member of Right@Home.

You can find out a little more information about this fun offer at Freebies 4 Mom. She has a great blog that I have been reading for quite some time.

Couponing 101 Part 1: How to Build Your Stash


I have been asked quite a few times where I get my coupons from. Having a good stash of coupons is half the battle when it comes to saving your family money. There are a few different types of coupons and many places to get them. I will outline the main ways I get my coupons and include links to some of my favorites.

Inserts– These are the little multi-page fliers that come in the Sunday paper with all sorts of coupons (and some really tacky ads) in them.

Some of the main ones are:

  • Red Plum
  • Smart Saver
  • P&G Saver –Contains coupons for Procter and Gamble products only (Tide, Pampers, Pantene, Cover Girl, Herbal Essence, Charmin, Crest, etc.)

Internet Printables-These are the coupons that you can find and print out from the internet. This is the category of coupons that has been gaining the most popularity. Companies have seen the success and consumers love the convenience of printing out the coupons they know they can use from their own home.  Many stores accept printable coupons, but before you plan a big trip, be sure to call the store first.

Some of the main sources of coupons are sites like:

  • You can also many times fine coupons on specific companies sites. These are usually temporary and I often find out about these by looking at blogs that notify their readers. When I find great coupons like these I will post about them like I did in THIS post.

Coupon Books sent out in the mail– Some companies send coupon books containing coupons for their brands (the coupons in these would be considered manufacturer coupons). Some stores also send out coupon books with coupons that can only be used at their store (the coupons in these would be considered store coupons). These are sometimes a little harder to get ahold of. Many times you have to sign up for the coupon books for the specific companies. Whenever I see an offer online to submit a request for a coupon book, I jump on it. Many times these have higher value coupons than the insert coupons for the same brands, and some booklets even have coupons for free products.

  • Example of company coupon book-Home Made Simple <- SIGN-UP! CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!  (also for P&G brands)
  • Example of store coupon book-*Target

*Target (they send out two types of booklets; a regular one and a baby one)- These coveted little coupon books have left people wondering why some people get them and some don’t. Some theories are that people get them from registries, ordering online, after talking to customer service on the phone, etc. After some research and reading many people’s experiences, I eventually came to the conclusion that they are mainly triggered by in-store purchases (possibly within certain categories) made on your credit card. This was somewhat confirmed after THIS trip to Target with a friend who tried using her credit card as her form of payment and got their next (and her first) coupon book soon after. (Remember to always pay off your credit cards every month and don’t use this form of payment if it tends to get you in trouble.)

Word of mouth programs- There are many programs available online and they are a GREAT source of coupons.

Freebies- Often when I receive samples in the mail that I signed up for, they come with a coupon for the same or similar product.  These are often fairly good coupons.  I always sign up for samples of products we regularly use hoping that I will also get a coupon bonus out of the deal.

Blinkies- Those little red boxes that you can sometimes find in the aisles that spit out coupons.

Catalinas- The coupons or vouchers for money off your future purchases (often based upon what you purchased on that trip) that print off with your receipt.

Peelies- The coupons that are stuck to the front of the packaging of some products.  Easy to use and fun to find!

Magazines- Don’t forget to look through your magazines for coupons! I am not sure I have ever paid for a subscription.  All of the current magazines I receive are through free subscriptions or free issue offers that I have signed up for online.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Red White and Blue……Old and New

Last 4th of July 5 mo.
Playing like big kids!
Still so cute, but almost imposible to capture in a picture together. Exactly 17 mo.

It is so fun to be able to compare what they looked like at the same time last year during different holidays.  We went to the beach for the day on the 3rd, went to a BBQ with friends on the 4th, and a quick trip to Portland on the 5th.  We hung out with family, and had lots of special play times together just as our little family. We had a perfect holiday weekend (with the exception of one 30 min screaming session on the way home from the beach at 11:30….but who could blame her) and hope yours was wonderful too!

Free Veggie Tales DVD (with 2.99 shipping)


Do your kiddos like Veggie Tales (better known as “Beggie Tales” in many families)?  Here is a really great offer to get one of the three  DVD’s listed below for free, when you pay $2.99 shipping after signing up for their newsletter.  We don’t buy many DVD’s for our kiddos so I am really excited to add something fun to our small stash for a great price.

Looks like your choices are….

  • Larry-Boy & the Fib from Outer Space
  • Where’s God when I’m S-scared
  • The Ballad of Little Joe

Go HERE to sign up!

Here is what their site says:

*$2.99 Shipping applies. Offer valid while supplies last. One free DVD per customer with valid account and newsletter sign-up.

Thanks Kindom First Mom!

Did you try this deal? Leave me a comment to let us know!

Messy Monday: Update… The Pantry

Since I am not quite ready to take on a new big project I decided to just save my update photos for today’s Messy Monday post.   Last weeks project was a success!  I am happy to say that I have a much more organized pantry and I love it.  It is so nice to  know exactly what I have in there.

A few things surprised me as I was organizing.  One was that I thought I would find a lot more food that we had no interest in eating.  With the exception of a can of beets, some pasta roni, and a couple other things I feel like our pantry is filled with stuff we buy fairly regularly or will at least be able to eat before it expires.  The other thing I was quite surprised to see was how few canned goods we had.  The caned food we did have mainly included soups (which we rarely eat…note to self: don’t buy canned soup),  some peaches, a few tomato products, and quite a few canned beans (we eat lots of organic black and refried beans….made me wonder if we should soak our own).

Some things I did to organize the pantry:

  • Put all the unopened foods and opened foods together so that we can clearly see what we have and not open new packages unnecessarily
  • Put all loose snacks in a basket together to tidy up and make snacks easy to find.
  • Put the things we use most in easy to reach places.
  • Got the recycling under control.
  • Took out things that we don’t use on a regular basis to store elsewhere
  • Got rid of most of our water bottles since they aren’t BPA free and we haven’t been using them anyway (I have NO idea why we had so many water bottles).
  • Organized my napkins and party-ware so that I knew what I had and could get to it. (I kinda love fun napkins….even though we rarely use them).
  • Took all the pasta and rice and grains and put them in tubs.

It really is nothing increadible, but its an improvement and I am enjoying it!




Feel free to join in this week even though I have not selected our next area yet.  If you have a place in your home that needs some love just leave a comment with a link to your blog (if you have one) and the area that you will be bravely tackaling.  If you are so inclined you can also put a link for my post on your blog, so your readers can jump on the band wagon and see what everybody is doing.

-Thanks Deanna from Recycled Lovelies for joining in on the fun last week!

My Picks for Todays Best Deals: B1G1 Jamba, Organic Valley Coupons, and FREE Paint.


HERE is a sweet coupon for buy one get one free smoothies at Jamba Juice.  Sounds like the perfect bargain treat for Summer! Good through 7/12/09 and you can use one coupon per visit.

Thanks The Frugal Find!



I was super excited to see that the Organic Valley coupons are still available.  Because the babies drink so much milk we think it is important to buy organic for them.  We purchase Organic Valley milk almost exclusively for our babies because we can sometimes find coupons like these.  Locally we buy this brand of milk at Roth’s, but if you are looking for some of their other products you may have better luck at a store like Whole Foods.

Like many printable coupons it looks like you can print two of each coupon per computer.  Choose the coupons you want by clicking the boxes and then print.  After they have printed hit your “back” button to print a second set.  They will likely expire 30 days from when you print.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!


Go to Money Saving Madness to see how to order a FREE quart of Glidden paint (through July 2nd….although I would not wait too long incase they have a cap).  I am a big fan of ordering freebies that our family can use and this is one of the most fun ones I have seen lately.  I tried it yesterday and It worked great.  If you enter your information and it does not seem to be going through just try re-entering it and pressing “send” or whatever the button says again.   There are tons of fun colors to choose from!

Feel free to ask any questions you have about them.

Which of these deals are you doing?

Works For Us Wednesday: T-Shirts as Bibs



I have a confession.  My children do not like wearing bibs and I have been a failure at convincing them that they are a good idea (and I am bummed because I have some really cute ones too).  I think some of the problem stems from the fact that for the first 6 or so months of their life feedings consumed my entire day and were the source of many frustrations and tears.  Now that there is no more pumping, nursing, and rotating between a small stash of tricky little bottles I am glad.  Glad for the fact that my days now consist of more playing, learning, jabbering, exploring and less hour and 15 minute feedings to try and get 3 oz down.  Now that they are eating a variety of solids at meals accompanied with milk feedings are more relaxed. After a few weeks of trying to keep them from ripping off their bibs the entire meal I realized that their must be another option. Many meals aren’t even that messy and a little food on their clothes is not a big deal.

On days when I am wanting to protect their clothes a little more, or they are diving into something particularly sloppy I just put one of my old t-shirts on them. The short sleeves hit them in just the right place to cover most if their arms and leave their hands exposed.  They also cover much more of their clothes than any regular bib would.  Because the shirt feels more like clothes to them they don’t fight them like they do bibs. I just leave a couple t-shirts downstairs on their shelf and after they have trashed both front and back I sometimes turn them inside out and then wash them when needed. It works for us!

Free 2 Year Subscription for Parents Magazine and Soy Milk Coupon

6a00e552792fa28833011571522cc6970b-800wi1Value Mags is offering a free 2 year subscription to Parents Magazine. Go HERE to sign up.  I have received a few magazines from them and have never had an issue before.  As always when signing up for offers online use an email address that you don’t mind giving out to companies. Act fast!  This deal will likely run out quickly.

Hint-I also like to get this magazine because they occasionally have coupons in them (maybe even a Gymboree one).


Got any soy milk drinkers in your family?

Go HERE for a coupon for 8th Continent Soy Milk.  Sounds like it will print for people with internet explorer browsers. After it prints hit your “back” button and it should print one more time.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Hot…Time to make a quick trip out tonight? Free or nearly free patio umbrella at Rite Aid.

(Deal now expired)

Not much time to act on this, but I wanted to try and make sure it worked before I posted it.  Rite Aid has a couple great coupons out that can get you a patio umbrella for free or about $7.50 depending on which one you choose.  Head on over to to get your coupons and get to her hints on this SUPER deal!  We just got ours and put it up and I was surprised by how great it looked.  What are you waiting for? GO! (Only if you can use or need one though 🙂 )


Messy Monday Kickoff!

Today will be my first official Messy Monday post.  The idea behind this is that I find a place in my home that needs some love and I bravely take a picture and post it.  Then, later in the week I post an update to show my progress.  My goal is to have that area of my house cleaned or organized by the end of the week (although I know some weeks may get crazy and the job may only get a little of my time).

Join me for Messy Monday and post pictures of your clutter spot or neglected corner of your home on your blog.  Just leave a comment with the area you will be tackling and a link to your blog with a picture or two (don’t worry….you can join us and post pics at any time of the week.)  If you are feeling generous you can even put a link to my Messy Monday post on your Messy blog post.

I know that for myself, it can be really easy to get in a routine where I just try to keep up on the dishes and laundry and neglect the other projects.  Lets tackle one little spot in our home at a time and see what happens!

This week’s mess……THE PANTRY (in a deep and foreboding voice).


img_70271Please don’t judge me……join me!