Albertsons-A trip back in time.

Free stuff from Albertsons with gift card Catalina promo (minus good ice cream and sour cream).

I recently found out about a deal at Albertsons where for every $100 in qualifying gift cards you bought you would earn a catalina (paper that prints off with your receipt) for $20 to use at A’s within the next week.  I did some research and it looked like with some effort we could purchase Disney gift cards and use them towards purchasing our park hopper passes for our fall trip (don’t tell the kids or we will never stop hearing about it).  We were able to use 3 gift cards on each park hopper transaction.  We purchased each pass separately since the cards only came in $25 and $50 amounts and we wanted to purchase as many gift cards towards their purchase as possible.   The best part was that through the research for this deal I found out that Disney passes were going up in price within the next two days.  If I had not been reading about it I would have missed it because they usually raise their prices in August.  This was definitely a blessing!

We earned $120 in catalinas for Albertsons and Monday night we made a trip.  We don’t normally shop there, but we figured it would be worth our effort and could find things to buy.  Many people get out of Albertsons for pennies during their double coupon periods.   As I looked through match-ups and the ad I struggled to find great deals on things we would eat.   We were almost felt like we were wandering through the store looking for things to buy.  We could have easily spent our money on many things, but I wanted to get a good value.

Some of the criteria I used while shopping:

  • Things we regularly buy anyway at good prices (corn tortillas, dog food!, organic apples, pasta (hubs got a ton).
  • Organic items which were close to the prices I would pay elsewhere (very small number of organic options-apples, apple sauce, crackers).
  • Things we don’t often find coupons for (specific hair things I use, tire gauge, muffin liners, organic apple sauce cups for baby when out of house).
  • Special treats for the man who shopped with me (ice cream… and cones for the kids).

We used 4 $20 catalinas and spent about $20 because we had to do each transaction separately and could not break them up perfectly.  We still have 2 catalinas to use in the next couple days. I hope I find some good deals.

This was my first time trying to work the deals at Albertsons.  Purchasing the cards ahead of time to buy our passes was absolutely worth it to get the “free money” (even if we both forgot our wallets and had to drive all the way home and back after loading up all 3 kids).  Will I be a frequent Albertsons couponer? I don’t think so.  But wow…going to the store I grew up going to as a child was like a trip back in time.  Same cashier as when I was 7, same chipping paint on the shelves in the meat department, same smells, same displays, same everything.

There is still time to purchase gift cards at Albertsons to earn a catalina.  The promotion should be running through the 21st and the catalina expires a week after it prints.

Check out Frugal Living NW for a list of gc’s and more info.