When I think of back to school I think of school supplies…when I think of school supplies…I think of art supplies.  I LOVE art supplies (Which is strange for someone who can barely draw a stick person).  I think I got this  from my mother (the love for art and school supplies…not my stick figure skills).  As a homeschooled child we had some cool opportunities to take some very eclectic art classes.  We did things from intricate Ukrainian eggs, to coil pots, and simple drawings.  Even with the exposure I definitely don’t consider myself an artist at all!   But I do like to be creative.  I believe that instilling a love for art and creativity in your children is a very wonderful thing.

And what better time than a Sunday afternoon to have some special family time around the table with some new art supplies.  Here are a couple ideas for both your “littles” and your “olders”.

For the Littles…


Grab some of these very fun “Crayon Rocks” from Stubby Pencil Studio (Be sure to look around on their site. They have some really fun stuff!)  They are made to be easy for younger artists to hold and help guide them as they learn to use the “tripod grip” as S.P.S. mentions.  They are made from mineral powders (to tint them) and non-toxic soy wax.  I was excited to see that they were made USA and come in a very cute drawstring pouch (I am a sucker for drawstring pouches).  I am pretty sure my kids need these.

For the Olders…

What could be more fun that some watercolor pencils?   I remember thinking these were magic as a child.  Draw with them like a regular colored pencil and then take a wet brush to them to turn them into a painting.  Here are a couple choices from inexpensive to splurge.


Crayola Watercolor Pencils $2.99 @ CrayolaStore.com

base_border image

Watercolor EcoPencils by Faber-Castell 12 ct. for $6.95 @ StubbyPencilStudio.com


Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils 36 ct 34.99 @ Dickblick.com

Here is a great watercolor pencil tutorial to help you and your kids learn about technique.

Sit your kids down sometime in the next few days to create something as a family.  They are never too young to enjoy color, texture, and the feel of art supplies in their hands and the beauty they can create.

Have you done anything creative as a family lately?