Way Back When-esday




Cheryl at Twinfatuation asks, “What memories make your mid-week wonderful?”

As I was looking through my older pictures I found these gems from the babies first trip to the beach (age 6ish mo).  It was on this trip we discovered our favorite beach access.  It has a little nicely paved driveway and you can drive your car right on to the beach.  As new parents we were thrilled that we could get out of our car and be ON the beach.  No hiking down necessary.  When the kids are done you just wipe off your feet,  get in the car, and drive away.  When the kids were little we also loved to be able to put them back in their car seats when they were needing a familiar cozy place.  We would leave their doors open and let them enjoy the view while we sat in the front seat in quiet and stared at the ocean.

Other reasons I love these pictures…..

  • It was their first time wearing their little hats from papa that we LOVED.  I just actually packed them away last week.
  • It was also their first time wearing their Hanna Anderson outfits I had been anxious to get them into.
  • (I also remember thinking that the hats did not match with their outfits, but that did not stop me.)

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