The down side to having a bike commuting husband.


Today is the third day my husband has biked to work.  I am very proud of him.  We have talked many times about how to make it work for him because he is a mortgage broker and wears a “bat suit” to work every day. Its pretty hard to bike in a suit and also hard to shove one in your Kelty back pack.  A local “Bike Commute Challenge” was just the thing to get him to attempt it (apparently he is still swayed by peer pressure at his mature age).

There are many benefits to biking to work both for the environment and your personal health…I know this.  But at the end of the day sometimes I would rather have my man in the door in 9 minutes flat.  I also miss my Grande Iced Decaf Extra Caramel Caramel Machiatto after those rough days (which we usually get with a “treat receipt” which makes it only $2).  They don’t travel well by bike and the caramel would most definitely be all thin and half mixed in and the ice would have surely be melted by then (can you tell that I have put thought into the logistics?)

One other thing I miss is having him occasionally join us for lunch (read-bringing home lunch).  It’s a fun, special treat that is not practical when he bikes to work.

The other downside, no more stops at the store on the way home to pick up our two gallons of milk we go through at lightening speed…Which leads me to claim that you don’t actually save as much money on gas (etc.) because you have to make extra trips out in your vehicle because you can’t always carry everything on your bike. I know some people have snazzy gear that lets you pack all your worldly possessions with you on your bike, but he does not have that stuff and has plenty of altitude to climb without two gallons of Organic Valley catching a ride.

So in short…proud, coffee deprived, eating leftovers everyday, and a touch cynical……but most definitely proud.