The Twins 3rd Birthday-A Peter Pan Party

Back in February we celebrated the 3rd birthday of our sweet twins.  I had such a great time planning their party.  It is not always the easiest task to find a gender neutral theme that everyone can agree on when you have boy/ girl twins.  I have been dreaming of this party since they were very little and thought 3 would be the perfect age to have this party.  Three is such a magical age.  I figured they would be old enough to remember it, but young enough to let mama dream and scheme.  I have loved Peter Pan since childhood and am thrilled that the tots love it as much as I do.

This post will be picture heavy!  I figure if you have a double birthday you need to have double the pictures.

Come along on a journey to Neverland…Here we GOOOO!


Peter getting some last minute booty at the store

This Peter Pan birthday banner was SO cool. Unfortunately I did not get a very good picture of it.


Mama and our little Wendy

Peter Pan, little Wendy, and Tinkerbell























Tink getting her very long awaited pink uke from Unc D. What a special gift!








































































































































































Party details:

-We kept it small to try to prevent Little Man’s famous phrase, “OH NO! Too many people.”

-Booty for the little attenders included; Crayons and star stickers wrapped in bakers twine (love this stuff), a roll of paper to trace their shadow, and some “Lost Boys trail mix” for the journey home.

-We held it at our neighborhood clubhouse which the kids call the “Birthday House.”

-Little Lady was quite hesitant to wear her Tink outfit.  She was pretty sure she wanted to wear a “Pretty dress.”  How do you explain that mama kicked her pirate booty to keep it all in theme and that it would be most delightful if she would oblige? She paired it with some polka dot leggings and sparkly shoes and was satisfied with the outcome.

-Little Man wore some of our favorite “Saturday Market pants”, his favorite boots, a green polo, a “Peter Pan belt” (that he wore for days after), and a mama made Peter Pan hat (which he still wears daily).

Thanks for coming along!