Our Arts and Crafts Supply Stash

Fingers, paint, paper.

Since I am always curious to know how other people do things and what they use with their little ones, I thought I would share what art supplies we have and enjoy.

Here is our basic stash that has slowly accumulated over time (along with an affordable source if applicable). I have included the things we use on a fairly regular basis.  We have some other odds and ends, but these are our main supplies.


  • Watercolor paints- Purchased during back to school time
  • Paint with water book
  • Tempera type paint- Ikea
  • Paint brushes- Ikea and art store clearance
  • Oil paints-purchased at a local art store with a Groupon
  • Finger paint and paper (paper on clearance at local art store)
  • Couple canvases-Local art store sale or Michaels with coupon
  • Spray bottle of water (for blurring paint and markers)
  • Coloring books
  • Coloring Crayons-Back to school
  • Colored pencils-Back to school
  • Multi colored paper-Ikea (colored regular paper) or sometimes Costco (construction type)
  • White paper
  • Roll of big paper-Ikea
  • Large circle hole punch (great for faces, gift tags, garlands, etc)-Craft store with half off coupon
  • Markers(Washable, regular, and Sharpie). -Back to school for kid ones and Costco for Sharpies.
  • Kid scissors-Back to school
  • Tape-Christmas or back to school
  • Glue sticks-Back to school
  • Stickers (The kids like to create bodies around the little smiley face stickers)-We like to get stickers at Learning Palace
  • Q-Tips-(for painting or paint with water books)-Drug store sale
  • Coffee filters (Usually for coloring in with markers and spraying with water)


Future purchases or birthday gifts they will be getting:

  • Water color pencils
  • Do-a-Dot paint (like Bingo daubers)-Michales with 50% off coupon (Thanks Lisa for the tip!)
  • Some sort of clay

What are your favorite arts and crafts supplies to use with your little ones?