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While I believe that couponing is the best way to save your family money, I would like to introduce you to my other frugal love on a bigger scale.  I have posted a couple of the best freebies here and there, but now that you have been diligent coupon shoppers and are learning the ropes…Its time for a little reward!  And what does the a this Frugalista love more than a great bargain….a freebie that pops up in her mailbox 6-8 weeks later (long after she remembers signing up for it).  After you get in the habit of signing up for freebies here and there, you will eventually get to the point where you are getting a steady stream of them a couple weeks after you begin.

Things to remember…

Always use an emal address that you don’t mind giving out to companies.

Many freebies give you the option to opt out of their email list.

Decide what information you are willing to give out and don’t waver.  For familiar reputable companies I give out my address (necessary for most freebies), “other” email address, date of birth (necesssary to confirm you are an adult, name, and some other basic information.  I do not give out my phone number.

Here are links to some REALLY great blogs with extensive lists of freebies.  Many of the freebies will overlap, but you should be able to find some gems on each list.

(The first link is to their site home pages and the second link in the title takes you to their specific freebie post.)

Affluent PauperSample Sunday

Mom AdviseFreebie Friday (from July 31st, but you should be able to find quite a few that are still available)

Attention Target ShoppersFriday Freebies

And of course Freebies 4 Mom is always a great source of freebies (and other bonuses) throughout the week.

Did you sign up for anything fun? Have you recieved any of the freebies I have posted recently?

Twin Mama LOVES your comments!