HOT! Ju-Ju-Be on Kidsteals and Babysteals

Had to throw this post up to tell you that and both have Ju-Ju-Be products featured this morning for 50% off. I LOVE Ju-Ju-Be products and they are very rarely on sale. The quality is amazing, they are super fun, and WASHABLE!


Kidsteals has a Mini be in “Groovy Garden” for $35

The Mini be works well as a smaller diaper bag for just the basics, a toddler/kid back back, or an easy to carry purse.


Babysteals has a Belights in “Pink and Green” for $17.50 (Groovy Garden is sold out)

The Belight is a great comfortable bag that is easy to throw on your body. I am excited to use it with the next baby when I am wearing them in a sling or carrier and need a bag that won’t interfere or weigh me down.  It comes with a light changing pad. I have heard that people are surprised how much this little bag can hold.  Since the straps tie they are also easily adjustable.

In case you were wondering, I got the Belight in Pink and Green…then I found out there was the Mini be on Kidsteals and I am telling myself that I made the right “decision” between the two.

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A P.S.A. for bag owners.


This is a Public Service Announcement!

This morning as I was preparing for family pictures I decided to look for that one missing hat I needed to reach Gymboree Matching Bliss (G.M.B.) (don’ t judge me, I used coupons).  I figured I should look in the diaper bag to make sure it had not been shoved in on some recent outing.  As I was pulling things out of my very full bag I was surprised by the lack of importance of the things I was carrying.  The bag was full, but there was nothing very interesting in it. (Kind of like, “The lights are on but nobody’s home”).

That is until I reached the bottom.  I was hoping to find a cupcake hat, and what I found instead would frighten anyone…..”WHAT THE  PETUNIA PICKLE BOTTOM IS GOING ON DOWN HERE”?  The further I got down I was realizing things were starting to become attached to each other by magical mystery sticky stuff.  Then I found something even worse…..the black fuzz of death! MOLD, yes, mold.  Now it was not as bad as last time…..yes there was a last time (and I don’t want to talk about it)….but the black fuzz of death is never a good thing.  I am not sure how it happens,  I am a fairly clean person, I try and never throw nasty stuff in my bag, everything kinda has its own spot and has a bag to go into…..How could this be happening again? Maybe it is because my bag is really deep and can hold tons? Not sure.

But, it’s a good thing my bag is washable! So, inside out it goes on a gentle cycle cycle with mild soap after a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush.  After that it will get a rotisserie treatment in front of a fan.  It will be as good as new (sort of) tomorrow.

Let this serve as a reminder to dump those bags occasionally!

Am I the only one that has had a  gross experience that gives new meaning to the word “grab bag”?  Hope not!

Now where IS that cupcake hat?