What you need for twins: Beyond the gear.


Now that we have talked about what baby gear you need for twins, it’s time to talk about all the other fun stuff you will need for the precious pair.

A basic layette for twins (Layette-basic wardrobe and bedding for a newborn)

This would apply for the smaller sizes where they are mainly wearing simple soft outfits, i.e.  0-3, 3-6 and maybe 6-9.  You likely could get by with a few less of each in the newborn size since they will move through it fairly quickly. A few preemie outfits will probably come in handy also. My twins were 6lb 3oz and 6lb 13oz at birth and wore the preemie size for a couple weeks.

14-16 Basic onesies

12-14 sleepers

Gowns-This depends on your preferences. Some people love them and some don’t. They are great for easy night time changes.  Get a couple if you think you will like them.

8 pairs of soft cotton pants

2 hoodies or sweaters

20 pairs of socks

12 Soft simple hats

6+ Blankets (you will get plenty as gifts)

2-4 Swaddling blankets-We LOVED the large square flannel blankets for swaddling. We used the Swaddle Designs brand (in the picture above) but they would also be easy to make. They are 43″ square flannel with finished edges.

10 Bibs (unless your kids are big spitters/droolers). We did not use these as much as we expected to.

20-25 Burp rags (I like to use the rectangular cloth diapers and found these endlessly useful)

A couple pairs of the little mittens-These keep babies from scratching their face. (You can also use socks for this instead).

Soft soled leather shoes-Like Robeez. You can find similar shoes for cheaper at Target and other places. Great for keeping their feet warm and don’t fall off easily. They also don’t inhibit foot growth and development.

Waterproof lap pads. These are a little bigger than the size of a phone book and are wonderful to put under your babies buns when you change them so that you don’t need as many changing pad covers in your rotation. I get ours at Target under their Circo brand.

2 Changing pad covers

2 Bassinet or co-sleeper sheets

4 crib sheets-Two for each crib after they begin to sleep separately

2 mattress covers

Other little things

Binkies-Start with a couple and buy more if your babies like them. We like the Mam brand.

Thermometer (Some hospitals will send you home with them)

2-Nasal aspirators-We loved the Nuby brand that comes apart to clean and found them at Walgreens. I like having one for each baby.

Fingernail clipper

Dirty laundry container-We used a small rectangular garbage can with little handles on the side.

Diapers-Disposable or cloth. Twins use a lot of diapers and using cloth is a wonderful way to save money. Possibly start with disposables and then when things subtle down consider the switch to cloth. I fully recommend them.*See below for more information on sizes of disposables.

Wipes-Unless I get a great deal elsewhere, we use the Kirkland brand at Costco.

Baby wash

Diaper cream

Baby Tylenol

Feeding– Depend on how you plan to feed your babies, here are some things you might need.

Bottles-We liked Dr. Brown’s BPA free version

Bottle scrubber

Bottle drying rack

Breast Pump-I used the popular, but expensive Medela Pump in Style

Breast milk storage bags

Lansinoh cream-Great for soreness from nursing

Nursing pads-I liked the washable Gerber ones. The disposable ones can really add up.

Nursing cover-Try Etsy for some cute affordable ones.

Dishwasher caddy-Holds all the little things in a cage-like container so they don’t go flying around.

Things we did not use much of

Baby lotion

Little shoes-When our kids started walking they wore a size 4.

Things to consider

If you twins are the same gender, you will likely be able to get away with buying a bit less of clothes.  Since they can share the same stash and one may be more of the “explosive” while the other does not need as many clothing changes you might need a few less in your rotation.

If you have boy/ girl twins you will get more use out of some clothing items if they can go on either baby.  While it is very fun to have gender-specific clothes for each of them, it does not matter what color some items are and it is easier to organize,  dress, and do laundry if you just have some basic white pieces.  Go for gender-specific sleepers and outfits, and neutral socks, onesies, etc.

Regarding diapers-When we were using disposable exclusively, we used the newborn size for a bit, then onto size 1 for about a month, then spent awhile in the size 2, and then a long time in size 3. If you are asking for diapers as gifts don’t get a huge stash of the tiny sizes as you may not be able to go through them (sometimes you can exchange them though for bigger sizes if that happens).

This list can be easily modified for triplets or more.  Enjoy preparing for your babies and let me know if you have any questions. If you are a parent already, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite  layette or other small baby items that you loved having.