Grocery Outlet

Lately I have become a little bit obsessed with Grocery Outlet. Last night I made a last minute trip to the Salem Grocery Outlet (on D St) to try to get more of a few things I found on a recent trip.  I even found a few great markdowns (yes, even Grocery Outlet has markdowns!).  I got all of this for $45.00!  With the exception of the cheese and Kettle chips, everything was organic! I bought a few things we don’t normally buy, but they will be nice occasional treats for the kids.  If you don’t eat organic you will find that some things are even cheaper than what I purchased.

Here is a rough price list from memory.

Organic yellow and red potatoes-Marked down to 99 cents from $1.99

Big tub of organic salad mix- Marked down to $2.49 from $4.99

Kettle chips -$1.99

Athenos feta spread- Marked down to 87 cents

Dill havarti-$1.49

Organic chicken wings -$1.99 per pound and one was 50 cents off

Annies organic chocolate chip granola bars 7ct-$1.99 (6 grams of sugar per bar…not too bad)

Solana Gold organic apple sauce (apple boysenberry and apple strawberry)- $1.99 (On sale at Life Source for $3.99 I believe, and Azure last month for $3)

Country Choice organic sandwich cookies-$1.50 ($3.99 at Fred Meyer)

Annies Bunnies cheddar crackers- 25 cents a piece


Only bummer was when they would not allow me to use a Grocery Outlet coupon they emailed.  We were out of a printer for a couple weeks and Hubby hooked it up hours before my trip to the store. As I was getting into the car I saw that it expired 2 days prior. I never try to use expired coupons, but thought that since it was a store coupon for new email subscribers that they might still be able to honor it easily.  No dice.

Do you ever shop at Grocery Outlet? Their stock changes often some products are a one time thing.

I feel a bit better now that I let the cat out of the bag.  Now don’t you go clearin’ shelves on me. 🙂


-Grocery Outlet has no idea who I am.  I am just a fan of good cheap food.

Survey opportunity for Salem Oregon area mamas.

Are you passionate about the birth experience?

Had babies somewhat recently?

Available the evening of wed April 20th and have someone to occupy the littles?

Live in the general Salem area?

Want to make $50?


Here is what I know…

Not too long back I received a phone call and was asked a few questions.  I gave them some very basic information and they said that I qualified to participate in a teleconference survey if I would like to.  They are looking for moms to share their opinions and preferences on things that sound like they are maternity/birth related.

Hubby was a bit scepticle, but I received a call back from a friendly lady today and it sounds very legit.

I am eager to share my thoughts on this very important matter and would love to earn some cash for doing so.  It is on the evening of April 20th.  They have one call conference happening at 6 (I believe), and one at 8.   If there are spots available in both you can pick which one works best for you (I will be in the 8:00).  It sounds like there will be about 8 people in each group and they will call you 5ish minutes before your start time.  They said it would take between 1.5-2 hours.  She said they mail the checks out the next day.

If this makes your nervous no need to participate.  I have not worked with them before, but it seems like it is worth a shot.  I have heard about surveys like this before, but have never been asked to participate in one.  I have done some online surveys here and there, but the best pay I ever received was from the Pinecone company for an online one and made $3 for about 35 minutes of my time.

If you want to try to get in here is the contact info I have:

1 (800) 737-0755  ext 111

Ask for Rochelle

If you are going to try to participate leave a comment here so others have a general idea if there might still be more space.  This morning she said she was still looking for 6 people at the 6:00 slot and 4 people at the 8:00 spot.

Happy Wednesday!