Schedule Time

"Maybe if we do this mom will start using a schedule"
"Maybe if we had a schedule we could do things like make bread more often?"
"Maybe she could put it in an awesome binder like ours? Nah...I bet she will just blog about it instead. That would be easier."

It is time to try and institute a schedule into our days.  I am sure we will stray from it here and there, but I think it will help our days have more purpose and organization.  I also think my house will thank me for it.  We have been improving in certain areas, but things still seem a bit chaotic at times (okay…a lot chaotic at times).  This should help a bit.

In case you don’t know us personally, I am a stay at home mama of 3 little ones.  We are slowly entering our homeschooling years.  The twins are 3 (almost 4) and our babe is 18 months.

The schedule only has a couple actual times on it.  It is more of an “order of operations” rather than a “schedule” I suppose.  I prefer to have it a bit more free-form and then make sure the main things like meals and naps occur at close to the same time everyday.


Basic schedule goal for M-F (exceptions based on the focus of the day and activities/visitors)

Breakfast for tots and I.

Read Proverbs to kids and work on a memory verse.

Clean up breakfast.

Go get little one when she wakes. Start a load while upstairs.

Nurse/feed little one.

Start school if she is happily eating in highchair and go as long as we can.

School (alphabet, writing, counting/sorting, art project, educational busy bags, flash cards etc.)

Clear her breakfast.

Get dressed with clothes I brought down after kids bed time the night before. Do this right after twins eat if little one is still sleeping.

Kids play in play area. I shower and switch laundry.

Small treat if they stayed in play area and played nicely.

Start preparing lunch at 11:55.

Eat lunch together.

1-1:30 Potty, pray, put Little Man down, Little Lady, and Sweet Baby.

Make our bed if there has not been a chance before.

Clean up any remaining lunch/kitchen mess.

Do devotions.

Check email etc.

Attempt nap if lack of sleep.

Do paper work stuff/work on project.

Cuddle with kids individually as they wake.

Give snack and let them watch shows for a bit.

Check laundry/cleaning.

4:00 Read books together

Kids play while I prepare for Hubs to come home and work on dinner if he is not cooking.

5:40ish Dinner


Daddy play with kids (while I sometimes work out)

Take any dirty clothes or things that need to go upstairs.

Baths if needed/get ready for bed.

Family worship time-Read Crossroads to Character, sing, read Bible. (Consider moving to right after dinner and try to find our “Truth and Grace” books).

Kids in bed by 8:00.

Bring down clothes for kids for the nest day.

Straighten up kitchen and catch up with Hubs.


Insert into day when appropriate.

Character quality flashcards. The kids LOVE these.

Children helping with chores-right now we are trying to teach joyful helpfulness and skills to complete chores.  I am hesitant to put them into the schedule.  I want to have the kids get excited about helping me throughout the day and teach them how to help (rather than assigning chores and having a specific time to do them).  As they get a bit older we will add this to the schedule.  Right now they know how to fold some clothes, vacuum with the light wt. vac on hard surfaces, scrub with a towel, pick up while focusing on one thing at a time (sometimes), lining up shoes by the door, gather dirty clothes and take to laundry room, and a few other things I forgot.

(More as I think of them)


Daily focus tasks

Monday-Coupon organization, look at ads, make lists.

Tuesday-Kids and I upstairs to do laundry and put anything clean away.

Wednesday-Bathrooms and garbage.

Thursday-Extra School or sometimes go see Great Grandma and Great Papa.

Friday-Errands (or flip flop with wed)

Saturday-Big projects, errands, and FUN!

Sunday-Church and planning for the week.


Do you use a schedule in your home?