BOB strollers 20% off at REI

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If you are on the hunt for a BOB Revolution stroller now is the time get one.  Right now they have both the single and double (duallie) versions on sale for 20% off.

The Single is on sale for $310.99 from $389.oo and the Duallie is 454.99 from $569.oo.

If you are willing to drive to REI to pick it up you can get free shipping to the store.  I love purchasing things from REI because of their great customer service.  Remember that nothing is a good deal unless you can afford to spend the money on it.

We picked up ours at this sale last year and have been SO pleased with it.  It pushes and steers like a dream and is our FAVORITE stroller (I need to write a whole seperate post declaring my love for this stroller). If you get one accessory for this stroller I would recommend the handlebar console.