Sewing For My Babies

There is something extra gratifying about sewing for an awaited baby. The anticipation, the connection you feel with the child knowing how much it will touch their skin, and how the item will become part of your memory of their “little” days.  I could not resist sewing for this baby.  My skills are lacking, but the desire to have some hand made yumminess for this baby kept me inspired.  My favorite fabric designer Anna Maria Horner happened to come out with some flannels at just the right time for me to make some things for baby.  Greenbaums here in Salem also happened to carry them (after saying they likely would not).  I stumbled upon them in the store one day and it was like a moment out of the movie Serendipity.  Snow flaky music, the other matching glove, the name in the front of the book…etc.  The culmination of my nesting desires in one store with no need to pay for shipping.

Today is my due date.  Projects finished and laundered “just” in time.  I have felt pretty good about this pregnancy and have really tried to appreciate every moment.  At my appointment today the wind was knocked out of my sails a bit.  I am struggling to know if it is okay to be bummed, or if I am supposed to soldier on with full confidence.  I may post more tomorrow in pregnancy updated posts, but for tonight I just wanted to share something happy and not tarnish this very important milestone.

Here are some pictures of most of my recent projects.  Items include burp rags, a swaddling blanket for baby, a double sided “summer baby” blanket (light weight but yummy and soft), and a “big brother/big sister” blanket for my first borns.  They still use blankets all the time and very much enjoy soft things.  With all of the new cozy things around here being for the baby, I wanted them to have something “mama made” for themselves.  I also included a picture of two of the hats I made for the baby (picture does not translate very well).   These actually gave me the most trouble.  Who would have guessed?  The color of our (likely) take home outfit is a bit unique.  I wanted a hat that would not clash, so I decided to just make one.  I wanted it to be embellished and special and originally thought I would attach a flower, but never found a flower that would work.  I happened upon the buttons and decided they would do.

Nothing better than sewing for baby.