Walmart Trip 9-29-09


Some deals for you to look for

  • If you have the $1 off Rhodes coupon look for the small 12 ct package in the freezer section for about $1.29. This will score you some rolls for about 29cents!
  • If you have the BOGO coupon (from the papers) for Magic Erasers and the 75 cent coupon (from Home Made Simple) you can use them both and get (2) 2ct packages for $1.25 total.
  • Look for $1.50 off peelies on the Precious Mozzarella.

After spending some time reading blogs with Walmart matchups, printing coupons, and organizing my coupons I made a solo trip to Walmart.  It’s not my favorite place to coupon, but I knew it was time.  I planned to take my time and see how many deals I could find in addition to the things I knew I was looking for.  I was pretty happy with how the trip turned out.  Many of the things in the picture were things we were completely out of, a couple were things I had great coupons that I thought might give me some “overage,” and the rest were things I knew we would use that were great deals.

My total before coupons (including sales) was $53.49

Amount saved with just coupons $23.25

Number of items purchased-27

Number of coupons applied to products (some were BOGO) -25

My total after coupons was $30.24!

I was very happy with this total because like I said before this trip was not just a “stockpiling/couponing trip” it was largely a trip for things we were out of (dish washing detergent, dish soap, oatmeal, deodorant, a roll of paper towels (rather than our former Costco pack), butter etc.)

The other thing that was great about this trip was that almost all the food products I purchased were healthy, natural, or organic.  With the exception of the biscuits and the Yoplait (still fairly healthy) most of the food was minimally processed and free from weird ingredients (the turkey bacon might be semi-questionable, but it is a rare treat and better than regular bacon).

The reason that I show my what I purchase at stores occasionally is so that you can see how much I can get for my money, and that you don’t necessarily have to live off junk food if you coupon.


  • Go later in the evening when the store is slow and easy to navigate.
  • Double check all your coupons before you hand them over to make sure they are for the right product and not expired.

Have you had a great trip lately? Tell me about it or post about it and share the link!